Middlesex Rugby supporting our clubs – how you are getting on?

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Copy of letter sent to Middlesex Clubs 27th April 2020.  

Dear Club Colleague,

I hope you are all well and safe during this interesting period of our lives.

Hopefully you have seen the information coming out from the County and the RFU about the support available for our clubs whether it be from Government, local authorities, the RFU and Sport England. This also includes reserves from the County put aside to support our most vulnerable clubs

Louise Latter as Chair of Rugby Development and Andrew Smart in his role with the Groups have the lead in the County to ensure that all our clubs have both the information and access to the support they require to help get them through this crisis.

An initial appeal for our most vulnerable clubs to come forward identified no clubs in immediate danger although we are dealing with some requests where a small number of clubs have identified particular needs.

Having dealt with those clubs paying business rates on their facilities we are now focusing our energies on those clubs who either rent their facilities or aren’t eligible for the Hospitality, Retail and Leisure Grant, to establish what support they require and in particular when they need it. 

To help us to support you we require the following information:

  • Are you aware of the RFU Loans, Sport England Emergency Fund or the County’s Support Fund? Have you made application for any of these? If so can you confirm which and what success, if any, you have had in getting funding.
  • An indication of your current reserves to include a copy of your most recent accounts
  • Any outstanding debts
  • What your reserves will look like on 1st September and 1st December if rugby doesn’t start by those dates?
  • What are your current needs for funding and if so what for and how much?
  • If you don’t have any current needs, will that changes when the season finally approaches?  Again, if yes, what for, when required and how much?
  • Any other concerns or questions that we can help with?

I would ask that you contact us directly either to loulatter@hotmail.com or andrew-smart@ntlworld.com,  

Please include all your contact details and your current role at your club.

We are here to help.

All the best.

Keep Safe.

Lou Latter and Andrew Smart

Middlesex Rugby