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Tour forms

Below are the RFU forms for incoming and outgoing tours. These must be used when applying to tour or host a visiting team. This applies to home and overseas tours. All tours require a form to be completed and submitted to the Middlesex RFU County Office at least one month before the tour. Any age grade tour applications should also be accompanied by a risk assessment.

Download the outgoing Home & Overseas Tours Application Form

Download the incoming Overseas Tours Application Form

Whether you are an England international or a part time player for your local side, going on tour is a fantastic way to build team spirit, morale and identity. It provides a rare and exciting opportunity for players and coaches to get to know each other that little bit better and helps to establish a common style and purpose.

Tours often provide memories and friendships that will last a lifetime; the camaraderie and banter can be second to none. But you must consider the aim of your tour carefully.

Will the tour be seen as a development exercise for players and coaches to experiment with new training techniques in a different environment, or will the tour be solely for fun and relaxation purposes?

You must also consider when you want to go on tour. It could be pre-season, mid-season or post-season. Destination is also a key factor and must be well thought-out.

Alternatively, hosting a touring team provides an opportunity to play against new opposition and make new friends from around the world.

When planning a tour, whether overseas or hosting a team from another country, clubs, teams, and schools (of any level or any age, male or female) need to obtain approval. If you’re planning on touring with children and/or vulnerable adults it is essential that you read our Touring with Children Guide. If you are a school then please refer to the schools page of the RFU website.


Applying for permission to host an incoming tour (clubs)

Download the Incoming Tour Application Form

Fully complete this form. You will need to obtain approval from the Union of your visiting team. The visiting team should assist you with providing this information. We need the name and position of the official from the visiting team’s Union. Details of worldwide Unions can be obtained from the IRB on their website

In the Appendix Schedule 1 all members of the touring party must be named, all players and officials from the touring party who are 18 and over must also sign the schedule. This does not include parents or players who are under 18 – in this instance the coach and officials from the visiting team must sign on behalf of the players.

Send your fully completed application to the Middlesex Rugby County Office for endorsement. Please note it is important to keep a hard copy.

Middlesex Rugby will check that your form is fully and correctly completed and once endorsed will provide approval. 

Please be aware that during peak times (January-May) approval may take up to four weeks to process due to the high volume of tour applications and will be processed in order of date of match. To ensure that you obtain your approval on time, please send in your tour application at least one month in advance.

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