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The county is split into four regions, or groups: North, North-West, West and South, and the group system provides the link between clubs and County, and vice versa.  Group meetings held at club grounds throughout the county, providing a regular forum for clubs to discuss matters of common interest and share their problems and successes.  Group meetings cover a range of topics and a guest speaker provides insight and expertise into key issues.

The Group Officers Committee, chaired by Andrew Smart, ensures that group meetings are held regularly and that information is shared throughout all the groups.

The Affiliated Clubs page shows which group each club is in.

Group Officers Committee

The Group Officers Committee comprises the four Chairmen and Secretaries of each regional Group, as elected by the Group clubs. Its Terms of Reference are to:

  • Elect its own Chairman and Secretary from those elected by Group Clubs or from County volunteers
  • Ensure that the Groups meet on a regular basis
  • Serve as a link between the Management Committee and member Clubs by providing a conduit for feedback and for communication
  • Select focus topics for Group meetings of relevance to member Clubs
  • Meet after each cycle of Group meetings is complete, receiving minutes of each meeting and determining appropriate action.

Chairman: Andrew Smart (Harrow RFC)
Secretary: Simon Hardcastle (LSRFUR)
North Chairman: Jon Boyle (Hampstead RFC)
North Secretary: Debbie Stockman Rose (Old Grammarians RFC)
North West Chairman: Andrew Smart (Harrow RFC)
North West Secretary: Mark Foster (OMT FC)
South Chairman: Jerry Rogers (London Cornish RFC)
South Secretary: Lyndon Walters (Hammersmith & Fulham RFC)
West Chairman: Andy Brooks (Old Isleworthians RFC)
West Secretary: Nick Dance (Grasshoppers RFC)

Further Information

For further information, contact Andrew Smart
or contact one of the Group chairmen below:

North Group: Jon Boyle – Email:
North West Group: Andrew Smart – Email:
South Group: Jerry Rogers – Email:
West Group: Andy Brooks – Email:

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