Middlesex Vets Cup Competition

The Middlesex Vets Cup is an unseeded, straight knockout competition to be played on Saturday afternoons.

“A Vet is defined as a player who is or will be thirty five (35) years of age during the current season. Teams are asked to adhere to the spirit of the competition in fielding as many age qualified players as possible at all times. Teams should have as a minimum, twelve vets on the pitch at any time.”

The first named team will play at home with the responsibility for arranging the referee. A team that plays at home in the competition will play away in the next round and vice versa. If both teams either played at home or were both away in the previous round then a toss of the coin will determine the home side.

Provided both clubs agree the match can be played anytime up to the designated date for the round of the competition This includes midweek or Friday nights under lights. Where clubs can’t agree the match will be played on the designated date.

2017 – 2018 Competition

Date Result
24 Feb Pinner v Old Hamptonians
24 Feb Twickenham cancelled Ealing
24 Feb Grasshoppers v Old Actonians
17 Feb Old Streetonians 19 v 17 Enfield Ignatians
28 March Semi Ealing v Pinner
24 March Semi Grasshoppers 12 v 29 Old Streetonians
21 April Final Old Streets v

Old Hamptonians beat Bank of England in the preliminary round on the 2nd December by 74-22, to secure a place in the main draw.

Vets Cup Rules & Regs…

Competition organiser: Andrew Smart
email: andrew-smart@ntlworld.com
tel: 07971 178633

2016 – 2017 Results

Date Round Result
Sat 4 Feb Match A Uxbridge 12-20 Ruislip
Sat 4 Feb Match B Bank of England 48-28 UCS Old Boys
Sat 4 Feb Match C Old Streetonians 6-0 Old Actonians
Sat 18 Feb Match D Harlequin Amateurs 20-12 Ealing
Fri 17 March Semi Final 1 Ruislip 19-22 Bank of England
Sat 11 March Semi Final 2 Harlequin Amateurs 14-19 Old Streetonians
Sat 22 April Final Bank of England 15-20 Old Streetonians

Further Information

For further information about the Middlesex Vets Knock Out competition, please contact competition organiser Andrew Smart, tel: 07971 178633   email: andrew.smart@middlesexrugby.com