Refereeing in Middlesex

Becoming a rugby referee is a fulfilling and worthwhile way extend your involvement in the game you love. Perhaps your playing days are over, or you have been forced to stop through injury. Or maybe you’d like to be involved with the game at a slightly higher level, or just want to help the kids progress their rugby careers.

By refereeing, you can still make a significant contribution to the game. But before you referee any game, you should take the RFU’s basic training course, which is open to anyone from 14 to 64 years of age.

Entry Level Referee Award Courses

The Entry Level Referee Award (ELRA) course is the best introduction to refereeing, and the ideal place to start your officiating career. The course is provided locally by RFU appointed trainers. It is designed both for new referees and for those with limited experience seeking to acquire additional knowledge and understanding. It seeks to provide referees with far more than just a knowledge of the Laws of the Game, and covers areas such as management and control, contextual judgement, positioning and communication.

The course is run in two modules, both lasting one day. Normally both modules are taught at weekends, usually over a two week period.

The course fee is £50, but in many cases your club, college or school may be able to assist with this cost.

For more information about ELRA courses, and course dates, visit the ELRA Section of the RFU website.

Middlesex Entry Level Referee Award Courses

Middlesex refereeing courses take place throughout the county, and are organised by the RFU.

For further information about Middlesex Refereeing Courses, contact:

Bob Ockenden, RFU Referee Trainer & Recruitment Officer email:

London Society Refereeing

imageviewThe role of the London Society of Rugby Football Union Referees is to support and promote the game of rugby union football by providing the best referees to all affiliated clubs and unions.

Becoming a London Society referee is the next step up the ladder. To find out more, please visit their website at:

London Society Referee Wayne Barnes