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How to contact Middlesex Rugby

For general enquiries please contact Rachel Barry, County Administration Officer on 020 8896 3400 or email .

For Team Middlesex enquiries please contact Nicky Fielder on 020 8896 9050 or email (Tuesday, Thursday & Friday 8.00am – 16.00pm)

For Accounts enquiries please call 020 8896 9050 or email (Tuesday, Thursday & Friday 8.00am – 16.00pm)

Any news items to be included on the website or in the online newsletter should be sent to . Pictures can be supplied as jpegs.

Who’s who

For a full list of who’s who at Middlesex Rugby, visit our Committees page which lists the County officers, committees and sub committees. To contact us by email, please use one of the addresses listed. Or fill in the form below and we’ll contact you.

Contact Email address
Enquiries (Rachel Barry)
Accounts (Nicky Fielder)
Website enquiries  
Press enquiries  
Discipline (John Orr)
Honorary Secretary (Tim Miller)
Team Middlesex Manager (Bob Lawless)
Team Middlesex admin (Nicky Fielder)
Safeguarding (Neil Horchover)
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Middlesex Rugby

PK1 Twyford Avenue Sports Ground
Twyford Avenue
Acton, London W3 9QA
+44 (0)20 8896 3400

Middlesex Rugby