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The Governance Committee Terms of Reference are to:

  • Advise the County, and its member clubs, on regulations rules and procedures
  • Conduct periodic risk audits and advise the Officers on compliance
  • Advise and monitor aspects of player safety and safeguarding
  • Act as the Disciplinary committee for the County, oversee disciplinary procedures; appoint & retire Disciplinary Panel members and chairmen; provide training opportunities and support for panel members
  • Advise on refereeing matters and liaise with the London Society of RFU Referees and with all of the County’s other stakeholders, as necessary
  • Monitor and advise on smooth running of the County including aspects of PR/County communications, arrangements for administration, archives and support of clubs with club development and support a fixture exchange
  • Liaise with other stakeholders
  • Support and advise other County Standing and Sub-committees as required
  • Promote the ethos and core values of rugby football.

Governance Committee

Head of Governance is the County Secretary: Tim Miller

Head of Discipline: Andy Brooks

Discipline Secretary: John Orr

Welfare Officer: Andrew Smart

Safeguarding Officer: Neil Horchover email:

Archivist: Brian Martin

Referee Liaison: Simon Hardcastle

Discipline Panel

Disciplinary Panels meet as necessary weekly on Mondays throughout the season. They deal with discipline matters at level five and below.

Andy Brooks

Nick Alway

Debbie Crossan

Bill Johnston

Brian Martin

Roger King

Antony Enright


John Orr is the county discipline secretary and it is to him that incidents of ‘ordering off’ should be reported within 48 hours of the event by email:

Schools discipline is dealt with by the head-teacher and youth discipline by the club, with both instances reviewed by the Schools’ and Youth Disciplinary officer, Caron Evan-Evans, email:

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