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Middlesex RugbyMiddlesex Cup Regulations : Middlesex Rugby

Middlesex Cup Regulations


(i) Matches, apart from the Final, will be played on the Saturday of a designated weekend. If the sides cannot agree to play on the Saturday they can agree to play on the Sunday. If they cannot agree either day then the Organiser reserves the right to exclude the side who caused the cancellation of the match on Saturday.

(ii)Where Clubs have a league match either before or after the designated weekend but before the next round they can ‘double up’. The only stipulation is that this is cleared with the Cup & League Organisers.

(iii). A match cannot be postponed because one or both sides have another Cup game that weekend. (If you have already entered a National competition then, whilst you can, of course, enter the Cup, a match day clash will not save you from forfeiting your match in the Cup. If this means that you have to play a 2nd or Club XV to fulfil the fixture then that is what you will have to do if you want to remain in the competition.)


Middlesex Cup results must be phoned or text’d to me on 07887648875 as soon as possible after the match and by 5.30pm at the latest (if the match is played on the Saturday the deadline is still 5.30 on the Sunday).


The organiser will let Society have the dates of the matches as per the invite.

If the date changes then it is the responsibility of the home team to let Society and the organiser know.

London Society appointments must be confirmed in the normal way during the week preceding the match.


There are match sheets to be completed and returned for Middlesex Cup matches.

The League registration rules are relaxed. A team can select up to five unregistered players.


A maximum of FOUR replacements are allowed and there must be a minimum of FOUR players in the squad capable of playing in the front row.

EXTRA TIME (matches other than the Final)

If the scores are level at full time, change ends, ten minutes each way with a one minute interval. If the scores are still level, count back on tries, if that is equal then converted tries and if that does not produce a winner the away side goes through.


Please do not hesitate to contact the organiser should you have any problems or queries, especially concerning potential postponement or cancellation of a match.


RFU Regulations apply.

No match may start uncontested unless this is agreed by both teams. The team who are unable to field a front row will forfeit the match.

If a match starts contested but is completed with or contains uncontested scrums, the Club that was responsible for causing uncontested scrums must, where it is appropriate, provide the organiser with an explanation as to why they occurred.

The organiser may take such action as he deems appropriate (including altering the result or ordering a replay of the Match) in respect of any suspected, alleged or actual breach of the Regulations.

Any Club may appeal against the decision of the organiser.

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