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The Middlesex Federation Vase

The Federation Vase is a knock-out competition open to all county clubs not eligible for the Middlesex Bowl who play in Herts/Middx 1 and below, including club 1st XVs playing in the Middlesex or Herts/Middx Merit Tables. There is no seeding.

Middlesex Vase 2017 – 2018

Middlesex Vase 2017 – 2018 Result
24th Feb Round A Hanwell v West London
24th Feb Round B Pinner v Mill Hill
24th Feb Round C Uxbridge v Finsbury Park
17th March Semi Final 1 Winners A v Winners B
17th March Semi Final 2 Winners C v Saracen Ams
21st April Final v

The first named team is at home with the responsibility for arranging the referee. A team that plays at home in the competition will play away in the next round and vice versa. If both teams either played at home or were both away in the previous round then a toss of the coin will determine the home side.

Provided both clubs agree, the match can be played anytime up to the designated date for the round of the competition This includes midweek or Friday nights under lights. Where clubs can’t agree the match will be played on the designated date.

The venue for the final to be played on either Saturday 21st April or 28th April will be at home of one of the finalists and will be decided by the toss of a coin by the County President. There will be financial support for the side hosting the final to cover some pre-match hospitality for the committees of both sides, post match food for players and officials and to cover the expenses of the match officials. The match ball will be supplied by the County.

Old Streets Retains Federation Vase

Street retained the Middlesex Federation Vase in a fine display of running rugby at Hillingdon Abbots in the sunshine.

“We have finished our season in convincing style scoring 60 points or morein the last 3 fixtures. We have strength in depth and look forward to returning to level 7 next season” said team captain Harry Marson

Old Street ran in ten terrific tries to secure the cup in front of a large home crowd at Gainsborough Road on 14th April to complete a successful season which sees them promoted to London 3 North West. Final score 13-65.

Middlesex Vase Competition Regulations

The competition is played to Middlesex Cup rules with one exception; players do not have to be league registered, just bona fide club members.

The home team is responsible for arranging the referee. Teams may enter squads of up to 21but must five players capable of playing in the front row.

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Previous Seasons

Middlesex Vase 2016 – 2017 Result
11th Feb Prelim Uxbridge 10 v 41 Hillingdon Abbots
18th March Semi Final 1 Hillingdon Abbots 43 v  14 Hendon
18th March Semi Final 2 Finsbury Park 7 v  41 O Streetonians
8th April Final Hillingdon Abbots 13 v 65 O Streetonians

The draw for the 2017 – 2018 Federation Vase Competition has not yet been made.

Middlesex Vase 2015 – 2016 Result
6 Feb Prelim West London 21 v 14 Harlequin Ams
6 Feb Prelim Millfield Old Boys 21 v 40 Hendon
27 Feb 1st Round Old Isleworthians v West London
27 Feb 1st Round Mill Hill v Old Streetonians
27 Feb 1st Round Old Millhillians v Hendon
27 Feb 1st Round Uxbridge v Hillington Abbots
12 March Semi Final Old Streetonians WO v
12 March Semi Final Hillingdon Abbots WO v
9 April Final Old Streetonians 41 v 3 Hillingdon Abbots
2013 – 2014 Federation Vase        Result
Feb 1 1st Round Harlequin Am    v L French
Feb 1 1st Round Mill Hill    v O Isleworthians
Feb 22 QF Winner match 1    v O Actonians
Feb 22 QF Hillingdon Abbots    v L Welsh Am
Feb 22 QF Saracens Am    v Hackney
Feb 22 QF Winner match 2    v Hendon
Mar 15 SF    v
Mar 15 SF    v
April 27* Final    v
2011 – 2012 Federation Vase        Result
Feb25 1st round Harlequins Am    18    v 17 Old Abbotstonians
Jan 21 1st round Ickenham 0    v 29 Hendon
Feb 18 1st round Old Actonians 10    v 28 Hackney
Jan 21 1st round Feltham WO    v Old Priorians
Mar 17 2nd round Kilburn Cosmos WO    v Harrow
Mar 17 2nd round Hackney 43    v 3 Feltham
Mar 17 2nd round Hendon 30    v 23 Upper Clapton
Mar 17 2nd round Old Millhillians WO    v
Apr 21 SF Hendon 13    v 20 Hackney
Apr 11 SF Old Millhillians 19    v 20 Kilburn Cosmos
April 28 Final Kilburn Cosmos 7    v 29 Hackney
2010 – 2011 Results        Result
5 March QF Old Actonians 32    v 16 Hendon
5 March QF Old Isleworthians 7    v 34 Old Millhillians
19 March QF Kilburn Cosmos    v AWO Harrow
19 March QF Feltham 57    v 3 Belsize Park
2 April SF Old Actonians 10    v 5 Feltham
2 Arpril SF Old Millhillians 15    v 41 Harrow
16 April* Final Harrow 33    v 16 Old Actonians

Middlesex Federation Vase History

Season Winners Runners Up
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London French
St Nicholas Old Boys
Old Abbotstonians
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Old Haberdashers
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No Competition
St Nicholas Old Boys
Sudbury & L Springboks
Old Isleworthians
Old Isleworthians
Old Actonians
Kilburn Cosmos