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Middlesex RugbyConsiderations for re-starting Rugby after Covid 19 lockdown : Middlesex Rugby

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Considerations for re-starting Rugby after Covid 19 lockdown

Posted on 8 July 2020

The  Middlesex County RFU have published their guidance on re-starting Rugby after the Covid 19 lockdown.

Whilst we’re still firmly at Phase B on the Return to Rugby Roadmap the Government have announced that some rugby facilities can now re-open (as of the 4th July).  To support this, the RFU have now issued a Community Game Guidance infographic to set what steps rugby club should take in re-opening their facilities.  But it stresses that it is important that each club makes its own decision about why and when it opens its facilities.

While adopting the Community Game Guidance, we (MCRFU) realise that you have been thinking beyond this and so this document provides you with further information to supplement your thinking.

Please see the MCRFU re-start Rugby Considerations document here.

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