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The Middlesex Vets Cup 2021/22

Posted on 14 December 2021

Eight Clubs have entered the Middlesex Vets Cup this season so there will be three rounds including the final.

The first round of the draw to be played on or before 19th February 2022

A. Chiswick v Old Streetonians
B. Hampstead v Hendon
C. London Welsh v Old Priorians
D. Haringey v Finchley

The semi finals will be between the winners of matches A v B and the winners of matches C v D will be played on or by Saturday 26th March 2022.

The Final will be played on Saturday 23rd April 2022.  

The first named team will play at home with the responsibility for arranging the referee.  A team that plays at home in the competition will play away in the next round and vice versa. If both teams either played at home or were both away in the previous round then a toss of the coin will determine the home side.

Provided both clubs agree the match can be played anytime up to the designated date for the round of the competition This includes midweek or Friday nights under lights. Where clubs can’t agree the match will be played on the designated date.

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