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Defibrillator Grants Available for 20 Community Rugby Clubs

Posted on 29 October 2021

The Richmond Heavies Foundation is offering a free, high specification defibrillator to 20 community rugby clubs that do not currently have, and cannot afford to purchase, this life-saving piece of equipment. 

The equipment covered by the Grant:

  • Lifeline View Defibrillator (with carry case)
  • Wall Rack (For internal placement – If not adding an external cabinet)
  • Online Training Seminar for up to 100 club members

The Lifeline View defibrillator was chosen by the 2015 World Cup as it is easy to use, visual, robust, and very portable.  

The only condition attached to the offer is the commitment to an annual support and maintenance agreement for four years with our defib partners, The Community Heartbeat Trust (CHT), the UK’s leading defibrillator charity.

This agreement covers all consumables (mainly pads and batteries), any loan equipment if your defib is out of action or needs repairs, and any ‘seek and find’ service if the defib gets taken away by the ambulance service or police after an event.

It costs only £126 + VAT per annum (£151.20) for each of the four years. There is an option to pay upfront for the whole four years, the benefit of which is an ability to save on the VAT of over £100.

To ensure the equipment is always fully operational, the clubs will also be expected to undertake and report weekly checks. This forms part of CHT’s on-line governance system, WebNos, so the defib is always in a ‘rescue ready’ state.

If any club wishes to place the defibrillator outside in a cabinet for 24/7 access, they must acquire the cabinet from CHT to meet the insurance requirements.

The Foundation currently has the funds available for the award of 20 grants. 

Please note this is aimed at community rugby clubs who have both senior and youth sections and who currently have no defibrillator provision.

To apply please use the link below to state your club’s eligibility, and also provide us with up to 100 words explaining why your club would like a defibrillator.

The full details can be found on the Richmond Heavies website here.

Defibrillator Grants Available – Richmond Heavies Foundation (





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