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Message from Andy Smart on the Winter Survival Fund

Posted on 15 February 2021

As many of you will now know on Friday the RFU announced the criteria for clubs that will need to work to apply for and access the £23- million Winter Survival Fund for our Community Game first announced by the Government in November 2020.

The deadline for making the application is 5pm on Thursday 25th February so if your club intends to seek access to the funding time is of the essence. There is no flexibility around the deadline. Miss it and that is it. The Funding Board meet on Match 1st to decide on the applications. Those successful are likely the funding in their club accounts on the 22nd March and no later than the 31st March.

To assist clubs with the application process the RFU via their CB and Club Relationship Manager teams will be contacting Middlesex clubs direct starting today

For Middlesex that  is Adam Cottingham is the CB Relationship Manager and Sagan Daniels our Club Relationship Manager  07545 602 748  07715 856769

Also, Charles Portsmouth, the county treasurer, myself and Louise have been on RFU briefings covering the funding and the application process and will be in a position to assist clubs if you need it There is an excellent briefing paper from the RFU attached and links below including FAQs that are most useful

A few pieces of information that I think might help

This is a needs based scheme and not a handout 

The funding is to assist the operating costs of clubs for the period 1st October 2020 to 31st March 2021 and will need to be to be supported by invoices and receipts

As part of the application you will need to show what reserves the clubs has in it bank account(s) as of the 30th September 2020

Because the last proper year of rugby was the 2018/19 season clubs will need to work to those accounts.

You basically have to calculate your operating costs for that financial year/season and then half the total

If your operating costs halved are less than your reserves on the 30th September 2020 you are not eligible for funding. If they are more than your reserves you are eligible for funding.

If you have restricted reserves put aside for a specific purpose i.e floodlights, club or ground maintenance then that can be taken away from your reserves shown on the 30th September. This has to be evidenced. 

Here are a number of online resources that may assist you

·Funding pages (inc. Criteria, FAQs, Terms & Conditions and Application Form):

·Helpdesk FAQs:

·The Club Support Centre ( will remain closely monitored and will be able to provide timely responses

Not everyone is going to eligible by any means but it you are please make use of this funding. Time is of the essence so start looking at it now. There is plenty of help available if you require and we all want to help if we can

Keep Safe

Andrew Smart

Middlesex Management Committee

Middlesex Rugby