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Middlesex RugbyMiddlesex Merit Table Applications for season 2021/22 open : Middlesex Rugby


Middlesex Merit Table Applications for season 2021/22 open

Posted on 3 June 2021

Dear Clubs,

First of all I hope that you and your families are well.  I appreciate that it is very difficult at the moment to have any real confidence about playing numbers and teams but we need to start preparing for next season now that the fixtures have been circulated for the league sides.

The entry form for this year’s MMTs and also the MMT Cup/Bowl/Vase Competitions for this forthcoming season can be found here.

Please note the entries have to be in by Friday 11th June which is two weeks today (Friday). Based on the response  I will have the provisional MTs out by Monday 14th June. I will deal with any appeals by Monday 21 June and will have all the fixtures out at the latest by Monday 28th June. If you have any specific requests about the level you feel your side(s) should be at please include that in your response.

Completed entry forms to be sent please to

I will send out any updated regulations out by Monday the 5th July

With this in mind I must ask you all when you submit your application to join the MTs for next season that you do so clearly understanding both your responsibility to honour your fixtures and confident that you will be able to do so. I will deal with each application on its merit.

MMT5 has proved a real success and I intend to provide the same opportunities in this MT as before utilising the Game On Regulations, allowing teams able to arrange their own fixtures, to play who they wanted when they wanted and with as many players as they have.

Once again I am committed to ensuring that the teams that have been struggling can match their own expectations against their resources and where they can clearly demonstrate that they can honour fixtures they will be returned to the regulated Merit Tables.

Any questions please come back to me.

Keep safe and hopefully we will catch up soon on a touchline somewhere enjoying the game we all love.

All the best,

Andrew Smart,

Director of MCRFU Competitions


Middlesex Rugby